Am I not that pretty?

That’s why you’re searching for someone who’s kinky, slinky and slutty…

Am I not that intelligent?

That’s why you’re finding someone who’s more magnificent…

Am I not fun to be with?

That’s why you’re looking for someone who’s a deity in a myth…

Am I not doing enough?

Am I not good enough?

Was I not enough?

COLDCHICKENSOUP GOT NOMINATED (The Very Inspiring Blogger Award)

This is just surreal! This is my 5th nomination and it is really over-whelming to receive these kinds of recognition poetry and chocolate and books gave me this opportunity, and I’m really really thankful for it 😀 Please do check out her blog and follow her 🙂 She has good poetry, photography, movie and book reviews 😀


  •  Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
  •  Add the logo to your post.
  • Nominate ten (10) bloggers you admire and inform them of the nomination.

I nominate..

Please do check out these 10 wonderful bloggers because they inspired me and I’m sure they can inspire you too ❤

COLDCHICKENSOUP GOT NOMINATED!!!! (The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award)

The over-achiever in me is jumping up and down! This is the fourth nomination that I’ve received and I am so grateful for this recognition from Zoe. Her blog is about poetry, photography and beauty.


1. What place in the world means something to you?

– I haven’t gone to many places… But the most sentimental place that I’ve been to is Tagaytay in the Philippines. The ambiance is cozy and there’s this unexplainable serenity that I feel there.

2. If you could change your accent to another, what accent would you change it to?

– I want a British accent! Who wouldn’t want to sound like the Queen of Duchess? It sounds bloody elegant!

3. What is your favorite type of car?

– There are so many.. But I’ll go for a Lexus IS 250!

4. Who do you look up to in life (your role model)?

– My aunt, she is independent at the age of 15. She managed to juggle work and college life.

5. If you could go to any concert of a band or singer right now, who would you go to see?

– Definitely, Ellie Goulding’s concert! I love her voice and the lyrics of her songs are poetic.

6. What is your favorite dessert?

– Donuts! A dozen of them 😀

7. How would you describe yourself in three words?

– Goal-driven, introvert and artsy

8. What is your biggest goal in life?

– To be truly and completely happy.

9. What is your favorite season and why?

– Unfortunately, here in the Philippines we only have two seasons. (Wet and dry season) My answer is neither, but I would want to experience winter! (Bucket list)

10. What are your biggest phobias?

– Please don’t laugh at this.. but I fear of ghosts. Especially after watching a horror movie -_-

I nominate..

Just a precious penny

poetry and chocolate and books


Randoms by a random


My Questions for my nominees are..

1. What is that one movie that you can’t get enough of?

2. Who is/are your favorite person/peeps?

3. Beauty or brains?

4. What are the characteristics of your ideal man?

5. What is your favorite quote and why?

6. What was your family like growing up?

7. What’s it like when you had the best date of your life?

8. If you’re a student what do you study (course)?

9. What is your favorite flower?

10. Do you agree that love is blind? Why or why not?

I had so much fun answering your questions Zoe! Thanks a lot! ❤


My inner demon is reaping me inside

It’s dying to go outside

I’m trying my best to suppress it

But the smell of sin

Is so tempting…

Gluttony, lust, sloth, greed

Her mouth is watering and likes to take a peak

Pride, wrath, envy

She wants to reign my body, selfishly

Might as well give up this fight

Then I remembered…

That I belong to the light!

THREE TIME’S THE CHARM! (Sunshine Award)

It’s ironic that I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award by Luke Ryan, because my poems aren’t that sunny and it’s usually poignant. Nevertheless, I am still humbled and flattered by this nomination. You can check out Luke’s blog here. RULES:

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1. Why did you first start your blog?

– My heart got broken and I wrote a poem about it. I let my friend read it and she suggested WordPress. So I tried it and eventually got addicted to other blogger’s poems and prose.

2. What makes you most unique as a person?

– Hmm, this is a tricky question.. For me, I think I’m unique because I can turn my sadness into art.

3. What have you done this month to make somebody happy?

– I made a poem for my Aunt for Mother’s Day 🙂 here it is..

You’re more than an Aunt to me

But a Mother that in the future, I want to be

You are independent and hardworking

That’s why you’re very inspiring

May God Bless you everyday

And I’m always here for you all the way

Happy Mother’s Day! 

I know I suck at making mushy poems HAHA! but it made my Aunt happy 😀

4. What do you like to see on other people’s blog?

– I like to see the author’s emotions in their writing piece. In that way I can know them better.

5. What is your message to me?

– I was pretty surprised by this nomination from you and thank you! 🙂 I hope we’ll be friends 🙂

I nominate:





Joselito Capariño


Reaching Meadow Lane



My questions: 1. What is that one song that turns you nostalgic all of a sudden?

2. Who is your spirit animal?

3. Are you an old school type of person or a modern/techy type?

4. What do you do when you fail at something?

5. At this point in your life, can you say that you’re completely happy? Why?

Still can’t believe this! Thank you again Luke 😀


I crave for your endearment

But instead, you’re feeding me with your temperament

What you’re doing to my soul…

Is more than torture!

You left a dent

That I can’t protect

Can anyone absorb this heavy feeling?

Consume this dark being

Caress this ill soul

Feed her, with the last drop of gold


I am in shock and awe when poetryandchocolateandbooks told me that she nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award! Her blog is mostly about amazing poems, photography, book and movie reviews 🙂 And I want to thank her for appreciating my poems 😀

I’m on cloud nine right now because last 3 days ago I was also nominated for another award. (Leibster Award) These two nominations will serve as an inspiration and motivation for my upcoming poems! ❤


  1. Show the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 blogs
  5. Link your nominees’ blogs and let them know


  1. I’m from the Philippines but I’m pale as porcelain because I’m 1/4 Chinese. So when we meet in person, you might mistaken me for being that ghost in “The Grudge” movie.
  2. I love TWD (The Walking Dead) TV Series and all things Zombie! The wait is killing me at the moment because Season 6 will air in October and it’s just the first day of May 😥 I just hope that Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) won’t die..
  3. I’m a super grade conscious student. (I know grades are not an accurate basis for intelligence, especially in real life situations) But I can’t help it! I also want to achieve the title of Cum Laude.. I’ve been dreaming about it and working for it since day one of college. (fingers crossed)
  4. My first choice was really Business Administration major in Financial Management. After I took my Principles of Economics in my first year in college, I fell in love with it. So I immediately shifted to Business Economics! Now, still in love with it and by far my longest relationship ❤
  5. I’m not easily frightened by frogs, cockroaches, snakes, spiders and whatnot. And I have this weird habit of playing with them.
  6. But I am easily frightened by ghosts and I hate horror movies. I always get paranoid after watching one..
  7. Aside from Economics, books and poems. I’m also into Astrology. When I want to know more about a certain person, my first question would be “What’s your Zodiac Sign?” or “When is your birthday?”

I nominate,

  1. littleapolita
  2. penpowersong
  3. thoughtsofaninternetperson
  4. Joselito Capariño
  5. charlypriest 
  6. Nina Karadzic
  7. Reaching Meadow Lane
  8. fantabulea
  9. Kurt Brindley
  10. Ameena k.g
  11. Passion through Poetry
  12. Saneh Pandey
  13. just a precious penny
  14. fangirlingowl
  15. purpleanais

You can check out these 15 wonderful bloggers for inspiration 😀

I couldn’t thank you enough pcb for this opportunity! (still pinching myself right now)