Am I not that pretty?

That’s why you’re searching for someone who’s kinky, slinky and slutty…

Am I not that intelligent?

That’s why you’re finding someone who’s more magnificent…

Am I not fun to be with?

That’s why you’re looking for someone who’s a deity in a myth…

Am I not doing enough?

Am I not good enough?

Was I not enough?


  1. Your grandpas did give you inspiration that´s for sure, and actually you do look pretty and you won´t end up like that, you´re a writer!! And if I may, whatever happens in your world, well as a writer you can always write it. Did I say you where pretty? I did, I just suffer from OCF which I did write a post about it, it´s Obsessive Compulsive Flirt!!…………..kind of weird.
    Was a good read, very nice written.

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    1. Aww, Thank you Charly! 😀 As a writer there’s always a positive side when something tragic happens to us, and that’s writing awesome poems for the world! 😀 OCF? Never heard it before haha It’s okay, you’re a nice OCF person 😀


      1. I´not nice, I just a cool OCF, and yes mam being a writer I have found two things or maybe more than two, but here I go….one-it is cathardic, two- it makes people like me that have a lot of wild birds in the head just express it which leads to cahardic and 3- there is nothing better but to create

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