Beauty and The Beast

In a small cottage lived an old man and his beautiful daughter

Protecting her from every man of slaughter

One dark and foggy night

The old man visited the grave of his wife

Wishing from the gods that they should’ve not taken her life

A rustling sound came from his behind

There comes the Beast, not one with mankind

“I believe you have something that would delight.”

The beast said, his voice with might!

“Th-There’s nothing that would suffice your hunger, Beast.”

Uttered the old man with fear

“Too late, beautiful Belle sacrificed herself for you to live longer.”

Then the Beast went forth, left the old man with tremor

Belle’s waiting for him and when she saw him she wince

Surprised by the story that he was once a handsome prince

With each passing day, they fell deeper into each other

Belle loved the Beast unconditionally whatever’s the weather

After their wedding day, she decided to give him her humanity

In exchange of her mortality

The Beast was happy he’s a man again

But saw Belle dead with open veins and
felt a pang of pain

Then cried tears until he’s insane…


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