What does love look like?

Love looks like…
Cooking a meal when you hate doing it
Love looks like…
Sky diving, but forgetting that you’re afraid of heights
Love looks like…
Watching an action-packed movie when you want a romantic one
Love looks like…
Walking from office to your house when you’re goddamn tired
Love looks like…
Pretending to love pistachio ice cream, when all you wanna do is desperately vomit it afterwards
Love looks like…
Knowing his Zodiac sign is not compatible to yours, but you still give it a go
Love looks like…
A cat person loving a dog person
Love looks like…
Forgiving someone who broke your favorite toy
Love looks like…
Missing someone, even if they don’t deserve you
Love looks like…
Caring for someone, even if they don’t know that you exist
Love looks like…
Sacrificing for someone’s happiness, even if the price to pay is yours


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