Month: December 2017

Alice in Wonderland

Am I Alice in Wonderland?
Singing and pretending I’m with a marching band

Am I Alice in Wonderland?
Wondering where paradise is, can someone give me a hand?

Am I Alice in Wonderland?
Following a white rabbit down an eerie hole, I don’t quite understand…

Am I Alice in Wonderland?
Waiting for me is a madman that wears a tall black hat

Am I Alice in Wonderland?
Eating cake and drinking tea, for happiness I demand!

Am I Alice in Wonderland?
A broad fixed grinned cat appears when I’m stuck in the shifting sands

Am I Alice in Wonderland?
The King and Queen of Hearts leading me back to the heedless land

Am I Alice in Wonderland?
“Time to wake up!” Another reality to withstand…


Watching the sea form ripples of water

Touching me, until my senses won’t matter

With this shore of sorrow,

Still drained after tomorrow

Poignant emotions swimming

Take a bow, lies dripping…

Floating on egoistic desires

Where freedom and happiness are not for hire

Dive into the ocean of iniquity

Soon you’ll fall into the depth of servility

Black dress

Weave your spell for my tilted cloth

Trapped in your enchantment that is froth

Draw a pattern to fool me, Dear

I hope I wake up before your apparition’s near

Chaotic mind, tornado of feelings

A soul that seeks healing

When will this cycle end?

I’ll just trade this black dress for a faithful friend…