The Owl & The Raven

A curious Raven flew in the midnight dreary

Caught his eye, was a snowy white Owl that looks weary

The Raven was captured by the sadness trapped in her eyes

Until he sang a couple of lullabies

The Owl was healed by this sweet emotion

Soon they became each other’s devotion

How pure and sacred is their dwelling place

And together moonbeams they chase

But one night, The Raven didn’t fly to the woods

The Owl waited and worried he was bruised

She collected eggs and nestling of other birds

But The Raven didn’t come back, she is now out of words

Until she turned her head toward the trunk of the tree

And falls through the moonbeams that they once kissed thee

Little Mermaid

Deep into the ocean lies an enchanting mermaid
She is delighted, for today is her birthday

Her only wish is to go to the dry lands
And one day be with a Prince waiting for her on the sand

She dreamt of this handsome boy
Knowing that he will bring her joy

But realizing he doesn’t possess a fishtail
A sacrifice she’s going to make….

Swimming through the inky cave of the Sea Witch
In exchange of her sweet hymns
She gave her a potion that would switch her fishtail to limbs

Off she goes leaving with pain and exhilaration
Now the Prince is her only obligation

They met, eye to eye
The Prince fell for her eyes as blue as the sky

Days, weeks, months past by…
Little mermaid and The Prince are on sky high

A beautiful amber ring shining on little mermaid’s hand
Then in an instant everything went black
The Sea Witch grinning while holding the head of the Prince behind her back…