I’ll Forget About You

There was a time that I thought you were The One

I’ve never felt that in a very long time with anyone

I imagined we were in a cottage house with your dog and my cat

I don’t want to erase that thought yet… maybe I’ll leave it like that

So I stayed… even if you still belonged with your past

I didn’t want to leave, I even want us to last

And even if you’re still holding on to someone that you met before me

I shrugged it off, I still believed that you love me

I really hope it be…

I’m sorry that I expected too much

With things that I can see but cannot touch

I’m sorry to leave you

If only you knew…

These feelings and words that I have for you

I’ll forget about it soon and forgive what you do

But I’m not sorry for choosing me

We were never meant to be.