Author: Nicole

My first love was writing short stories and poems, at the age of 7 years old. (and still is) I got caught up on all the tragedies of life and forgotten all about it... But now, I have combined my sadness, anger, misfortunes and whatnot to my writing. Aside from writing poems, I also have a degree in Business Economics & currently exploring the Banking & Finance Industry. I can play the piano (a bit), can sing (a little) and a sucker for novels and self-help books ( a lot). I hope that I can inspire the writer in you! <3 Enjoy my sadness!! God Bless! travel blog: email: IG: chuapandaaa

Pick me up

Big sister pick me up, pick me up from my misery

Big sister pick me up, pick me up Depression is killing me

Big sister pick me up, pick me up I’d rather be dead than to be here

Big sister pick me up, pick me up I’m always with Anxiety

Big sister pick me up, pick me up and help me please…

Venus and the Crescent Moon

Venus shines bright after sunset
It’s waiting for the Crescent Moon at the outset

The sky is wrapped by darkness
Here comes the Crescent Moon of dimness

The celestial pair aligned once again
Savoring every moment without complain

The Evening Star almost kissed the Crescent Moon
But it said its goodbye too soon…

Thoughts of You

You talk in colors instead of sounds

And binds my soul to the ground

You stare with thoughtful eyes

Mirroring dreamy skies

Lost in thought, not mine to keep

Our childhood’s past always plays deep

We might be happy, we might be sad

Time is all we have

I’ll come back someday

And maybe I can finally stay

Where They Belong

Do trees belong to the ground?

Or it wishes to go from place to place

Do clouds belong to the sky?

Or it wishes to be waves splashing, adrift in the ocean

Do stars belong to the night?

Or it wishes to be with the Sun in the morning

Do flowers belong to Spring?

Or it wishes to be caressed by Winter’s snow

We’ll never know…


Hi fellow bloggers,

I’ve decided to have a travel blog so that I won’t be writing just out of sadness. It is up and running! I would really appreciate if you visit it 🙂

I just recently went to Taiwan in search of cherry blossoms, and it was majestic! I have included some tips on how to go via train/bus in some areas that I’ve been to 🙂

Hope I can hear from all of you!

link: Sleepy Panda Traveler


Will still write poems in the future when someone breaks my heart again or if someone makes my heart feel whole again 🙂

Thank you ❤

Tinker Bell

I can be your Tinker Bell

Even if Wendy did you well

I can be your Tinker Bell

Even if you didn’t catch me when I fell

I can be your Tinker Bell

Even if you have issues to dwell

I can be your Tinker Bell

Even if you loathe my whispered words that tell

I can be your Tinker Bell

Even if you lock me in your marble cell

I can still be your Tinker Bell

Even if we part ways and bid farewell… 

The Sky & The Sun

The Sky is crying again

I wonder who caused her pain?

The Sun hasn’t visited since days

Her longing for light might decay

Leaves dancing to the sound of the wind

Clouds hiding the Sky’s sorrows from behind

Birds singing rainbows of tomorrow 

An afternoon sunshine, may She borrow?

Sheets of rain, changing weather 

Rippling moonlight on water

Rolling peals of thunder

Until the Sun won’t matter…