Temporary bliss in exchange of eternal suffering

Kings and Queens of the present, slaves of damnation governing

Ravenous for gold and silver

They want it all, not a big giver

Until they feel hollow

And they see the world shallow…

Here comes the reaper

Bringing their souls deeper

Into the phases of hell

Wrecked souls bid farewell


Mga tao ba kayo?

O kampon ng demonyo?

Wala naman ginagawang masama sainyo

Di naman namin inagaw mga syota niyong mukhang aso

Ayaw niyo sa amin

Pero pag may kailangan, sa amin kapit

Ano ba talaga?!

Ang sarap niyong tiradorin isa isa!

Kung ano ano sinasabe niyo tungkol sa amin

Bakit di niyo nalang kami diretsuhin?

Ganito na ba talaga mga tao sa mundo?

Panginoon, kunin mo nalang ako!

Sainyo ko nalang papaubaya

Mga taong madaling mainggit sa kapwa


You’re throwing me again, in this dark cold cave

And here I am pretending to be brave

Even if you’re leading me to my own grave

In your eyes, I am a knave

You really are under her spell

She really is the Queen of Hell!

I wish that someday you’d get out of that cell

Hoping that soon, you will be well..

this means goodbye

I was paralyzed like a streek

Did you hear me weep?

All I want is to protect you

But I think you don’t want that too

Can you explain

Why did you changed?

Is it really wrong?

I don’t think I’m that strong

Acceptance is hard

Like running a yard

Tell me the truth

Please, don’t be rude

I’m in deep pain

But you still add a gain

I don’t know what to do

So I’ll just move-on without you

Damsel in distress

My father is building a fortress

For the damsel in distress

It’s not my mother

But for the damsel in distress

It has brick walls and high stairs

Just for the damsel in distress

It was ever perfect and sleek

For the damsel in distress

The only thing left is me

Whom the damsel in distress, fully disagrees

My father believes what she sees

Because she is the damsel in distress

I was pushed off to flee

And that made the damsel in distress, delight with glee