Wearing my happy mask when all I feel is devastation
I have to hide this depression…
Nobody can see this
A mark from my monster’s kiss
My addiction is this sadness
And my withdrawal is the misery
We’re all sad souls
Love, money, power and fame are the distractions we control
When working makes a living
But everyday it feels like you’re dying
When no one really cares about you
And that’s the only thing that’s true…

Free me

I think I’m free…

From all the sadness and misery

I think I’m free…

From my depression and anxiety

I think I’m free…

From all the hatred and uncertainty

I think I’m free…

From all the monsters that controlled me

I think I’m free…

When I no longer write dark poems for you and me


Sometimes I want to leave this century

Most of the time I want to go to an age when people are just genuine and happy

Sometimes I compare myself to the “Great Depression”

Most of the time, I’m always with this recession

Sometimes I get jealous of the Berlin Wall

Most of the time I’m thinking, when will mine fall?

Sometimes I envy Wars that ended

Most of the time I’m thinking, when will the War inside me be disconnected?


I crave for your endearment

But instead, you’re feeding me with your temperament

What you’re doing to my soul…

Is more than torture!

You left a dent

That I can’t protect

Can anyone absorb this heavy feeling?

Consume this dark being

Caress this ill soul

Feed her, with the last drop of gold

Running Away From You

Wrapped by madness

Caused by sadness

Depression is my only friend

It’s like god-send

Crying like its raining

Waiting like I’m dying

Running away from dying pain

Maybe I’ll be insane

Still, I’ll go after it

Until there’s no air to breathe