This is indeed a good morning for me, when I was mentioned by on his blog about the Liebster Award and got nominated! His blog is all about stories, helpful and useful advices and all things informative. Plus he’s into Economics, like me. I immediately googled Liebster Award, because I’m just new here in the blogosphere. And as I discovered, it is for a good cause because it is all about promoting and helping new bloggers in entering the blogosphere. I loved the idea and I also want to help new bloggers that are not yet recognized and discovered by the mainstream population.


  1. Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions given by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers and link them.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs.


1. What is one inanimate object you own that has a significant meaning to you?

– I’m a bookworm and I have more books in my room rather than bags and shoes. There’s this one book that my friend gave me as a gift. I couldn’t find it in any bookstore that I know and I’m not a fan of e-books. The title of this book is “From Bad to Cursed” by Katie Alender and to top that all up, he is not even a bookworm but he miraculously found it! I was really touched because not all people can give-up their precious time just to make a nerdy girl happy. That book is more than just satisfying the bookworm inside me but it also reminds me that there’s someone out there that genuinely cares for me.

2. If you could superficially marry anyone in the world for a day, who would it be and why?

– Cara Delevigne, Emma Watson and Natalie Portman are some of the names that popped into my head. (I’m straight, BTW) I just have this weird fascination of having crushes on confident, gorgeous and intelligent women of today. But seriously, If I were a boy I would marry all of them! Why?

I admire Cara’s confidence and she is not afraid of showing her true side, which is her quirky side. And I also like her saying, “If you’re not confident, then just pretend to be one.” Emma Watson is known for being Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series and currently the UN Woman Goodwill Ambassador and just graduated last May at Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature. (Talking about beauty and brains) *heart eyes* Natalie Portman was known by being Padmè Amidala in Star Wars trilogy and for other movies like V for Vendetta and Black Swan. Which are my own personal favorites. In the academia side, she completed her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Harvard University. Need I really say more?

3. What 3 things would you need to face the zombie apocalypse?

– As a TWD (The Walking Dead) fan, the 3 things that are essential for a zombie apocalypse are the ff:

* Have a trusty weapon with you at all times, because Zombies love surprises. I would rather prefer a crossbow or a Samurai sword than a gun, because it doesn’t run out of ammo.

* A person. Specifically a best friend, brother or sister that you can trust and rely on, no matter what. As I’ve observed in the TWD Series, it’s all about survival of the fittest and two heads are better than one.

* Solar watch that has a navigation and weather prediction, because zombie apocalypse requires a lot of traveling until you get on a safe house.

4. What is your favorite part about blogging and why did you choose WordPress?

– My favorite part about blogging is that I can express my thoughts and emotions through poetry. It’s like when I post a poem caused by pain or anger, half of the pain and anger goes away. That is why my tagline is “Make me sad and I’ll write you a poem.” I chose WordPress because it’s free of charge and the bloggers here are like people I’ve known before. They’re really nice and we’re like a family here. A family that I don’t have in the real world, because I’m from a dysfunctional family and a product of a broken one too.

5. Do you have a fond memory that can instantly make you laugh? What is it?

– My aunt is scared of cockroaches. So there’s this one time when we’re walking in the streets late at night and a cockroach flew into her hair. She’s screaming and running around in circles, and the best part is her face and reaction, priceless! That was really hilarious and I almost peed my pants back then. (laughing my heart out, ATM)

6. If you had to eat the same thing for every meal, what would that meal consist of?

– Carbonara + Hawaiian Pizza + Chocolate milkshake (my tummy’s growling right now…)

7. Do you watch YouTube and if so who/what do you watch?

– I watch Michelle Phan’s make up tutorials because I’m naive when it comes to these things. Then I discovered that she is also an entrepreneur, which is very inspiring for a college student like me who’s taking up Business Economics.

8. Describe the type of person that just grinds your grins.

– A person who always lies. I know truth hurts, but lies hurt even more.

9. Are there any injustices in the world that deeply disturb you or call you to action?

– Child abuse and depriving children of a healthy and happy life. That’s why I signed up as a volunteer for Save the Children last two weeks ago. It’s an organization that saves children’s lives, fight for their rights and support them emotionally, physically and mentally. I was once like those children and I know the feeling. I just want to have a purpose in life, aside from having a degree and a well-paying job.

10. What superpower would you choose to have?

– I want Scarlet Witch’s mystic energy for reality-altering effects. It’s gonna be useful if you don’t feel like having an exam. You just alter the reality in your Professor’s mind and make him believe that he’s in a zombie apocalypse or he’s lying in a bed full of deadly snakes or spiders. (insert evil laugh) LOL, just kidding!

11. Who was the last person you said “hello” (or whatever other greeting) to?

– My aunt, who is also the aunt that I’ve mentioned in the no. 5 question. (starts to laugh like a clown again)

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1. What is/are your goal/s in life?

2. Who is that one person you look up to?

3. Do you have that one moment in life that you want to happen again?

4. Poem or prose?

5. What is your favorite unconventional book?

6. What’s your break-up story?

7. Who was your first true love?

8. What field are you into now?

9. Who/What pushed you to become a blogger?

10. Who/What inspires you the most?

11. Happiness or Sadness?

This was awesome, Thank you again for the nomination thoughtsofaninternetperson! 😀