Dismal Tale

Drown me in pain until I’m soaked with anger

Don’t wait until I’m famished in a chamber

Throw me to your sea of emptiness

Until I’m full of loneliness

Your love for me disappeared with the ether

Like all the run away creatures

I’m no damsel in distress

Because there’s no knight in shining armor, I guess

I’ll just fight my own battle

To stop this juvenile prattle


When will these slumbered words wake up?

To reach out to wrenched ones in a grimy club

When will the catastrophe of my mind be at peace?

Hoping the pessimistic thoughts to cease

When will my empty soul be filled with jubilance?

To know that you have more than an insurance

When will the missing puzzle piece be found?

Because all I want is to be safe and sound

When can I dauntlessly indulge love?

Still praying for that one from above

When will the ice that embraces my heart melt?

To have that burning desire inside that smokes scent


These doleful words that you will encounter

Are for my beloved insensitive souls to devour

I didn’t volunteer for this nightmare

No one wants to be in a dark lair

This frigid soul just wants a pinch of your warmth

To be caught by your treacherous arms

You got me but with a slack heart

I’m indecisive and you’re inconsistent,

what a perfect match we are!

Can someone give me a potion?

To forget this petty emotion

To be free from this prison,

Grant me my extradition


My mind insists to be busy

My heart still finds meaning

My mind demands that I have to forget

My heart pleads that I’ll regret

My mind commands to go back into reality

My heart hopes that it will still end up like a romantic movie

My mind says I have to let go

My heart utters just wait a little more


Sometimes I want to leave this century

Most of the time I want to go to an age when people are just genuine and happy

Sometimes I compare myself to the “Great Depression”

Most of the time, I’m always with this recession

Sometimes I get jealous of the Berlin Wall

Most of the time I’m thinking, when will mine fall?

Sometimes I envy Wars that ended

Most of the time I’m thinking, when will the War inside me be disconnected?


These were the days

For autopilot in me is in raise

Follow your mind

And not thy heart, for you will be blind

Fuel yourself for the real deal

So you’ll be the driver of your own wheel

And by the end of the day

I’ll just say that “I’m okay!”

Then my younger sister would say…

“Are you now infected,

By this world full of neglected?”

I wasted most of my time

Did I really lived a life?

I just followed what’s right

And not the star that I covet in the cold winter’s night…


Wake me up in this erroneous dream

Bring me back into the reality of the beam

Blasting the volume of this broken-hearted song

Hoping that I’ll be deaf to my own despair for that long

Trusting is suicidal

Like permanent fatal

I’m choking in my own salty tears

Because I can feel that our ending is near

Maybe one day when we meet again

We can make things right by then