My State of Mind

Getting cold in this dungeon of sadness

My soul longs for the warmth of happiness

What can suffice this monstrous yet ineffable emotion?

The ghost of my nostalgia is always creeping in motion

My cathartic state has a vampiric relationship with my darkest corner

Yet, I don’t want to be a loner…


Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!

From your false dream & fantasy

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!

Don’t wait for the Prince to do that for you until eternity

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!

They only care about you, ‘coz you’re pretty

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!

No one loves you unconditionally

Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!

And start living in reality…


Tip toeing into the depths of death

Until I ran out of stealth

Desperately hiding my vulnerability

Covering it with bravery

Longing for your formidable exterior…

Can you digest my diabolical interior?

Anyone can summon the demon in me

But only you can tame it, until it flee

I was addicted by your mystery

Until I lost my sanity

The Wolf and The Moon

I am the wolf and you are the moon

Just a glimpse of you makes me swoon

I am the wolf and you are the moon

I always cry out for you, like a kid that lost his balloon

I am the wolf and you are the moon

This is the last time I’ll chase you in a desperate tune

I am the wolf and you are the moon

This is my last time to dream for you to come back soon


My mind insists to be busy

My heart still finds meaning

My mind demands that I have to forget

My heart pleads that I’ll regret

My mind commands to go back into reality

My heart hopes that it will still end up like a romantic movie

My mind says I have to let go

My heart utters just wait a little more


Sometimes I want to leave this century

Most of the time I want to go to an age when people are just genuine and happy

Sometimes I compare myself to the “Great Depression”

Most of the time, I’m always with this recession

Sometimes I get jealous of the Berlin Wall

Most of the time I’m thinking, when will mine fall?

Sometimes I envy Wars that ended

Most of the time I’m thinking, when will the War inside me be disconnected?


Wake me up in this erroneous dream

Bring me back into the reality of the beam

Blasting the volume of this broken-hearted song

Hoping that I’ll be deaf to my own despair for that long

Trusting is suicidal

Like permanent fatal

I’m choking in my own salty tears

Because I can feel that our ending is near

Maybe one day when we meet again

We can make things right by then


You’re throwing me again, in this dark cold cave

And here I am pretending to be brave

Even if you’re leading me to my own grave

In your eyes, I am a knave

You really are under her spell

She really is the Queen of Hell!

I wish that someday you’d get out of that cell

Hoping that soon, you will be well..

Running Away From You

Wrapped by madness

Caused by sadness

Depression is my only friend

It’s like god-send

Crying like its raining

Waiting like I’m dying

Running away from dying pain

Maybe I’ll be insane

Still, I’ll go after it

Until there’s no air to breathe