Only When

When I need something, I strive for it

Just to see it

When I want something, I sacrifice for it

Just to taste it

When I love something, I give everything for it

Just to feel it

When I long for something, I’ll wait for it

Just to smell it

When I pray for something, I put my faith with it

Just to hear it

wait and wait and wait

I feel like I’m a caged animal. A prisoner who anticipates his freedom. A dog that waits for his master, but I’m the kind of dog who can’t bear the wait. And goes to his master’s office or wherever he is. Waiting is inevitable. Like traffic or falling in love with a douche bag. I feel like I’m waiting for something astonishing and exciting. But I don’t really know what it is. And I think that’s one of the essence of life, waiting for something that is unexpected or unplanned. Like a surprise!