I am trapped by your presence

Does that make any sense?

I can’t focus

My mind is flying like a wild locust

What spell did you cast upon me?

Can anyone see it?

This feeling is getting deeper

It makes me want to go with the reaper

I just have one more question

Is this caused by my inhibition?


No time to feel emotions

Because there are other options

No time to acknowledge sorrows

Because it is just too narrow

No time to adjust for fun

Because if I do that, I need to catch-up

No time to heal what I feel

Because I’ll just drown and sink

No time to say this out loud

Because there is no sound

Once upon a time

Goldilocks and Snow White are roaming around

There’s the big bad wolf, watching without a sound

Gathering daffodils and berries

That the big bad wolf offer to carry

Both are startled but accepted the offer

The big bad wolf lead the way without a cower

They walked, walked and walked

While the big bad wolf talked, talked and talked

Until they reach the end

The big bad wolf had to pretend

Goldilocks didn’t care while Snow White was scared

The big bad wolf had a poisoned apple

“Maybe Snow White can have a sample?”

So Snow White took it

And the big bad wolf smiled with a lit

this means goodbye

I was paralyzed like a streek

Did you hear me weep?

All I want is to protect you

But I think you don’t want that too

Can you explain

Why did you changed?

Is it really wrong?

I don’t think I’m that strong

Acceptance is hard

Like running a yard

Tell me the truth

Please, don’t be rude

I’m in deep pain

But you still add a gain

I don’t know what to do

So I’ll just move-on without you

Damsel in distress

My father is building a fortress

For the damsel in distress

It’s not my mother

But for the damsel in distress

It has brick walls and high stairs

Just for the damsel in distress

It was ever perfect and sleek

For the damsel in distress

The only thing left is me

Whom the damsel in distress, fully disagrees

My father believes what she sees

Because she is the damsel in distress

I was pushed off to flee

And that made the damsel in distress, delight with glee