White collar

In a foaming tide,

Bathe in egotism and pride

Disgust burns my throat like acid

As I swallow people made out of plastic

Lust for domination

Infinite temptation

Yearning for validation

Until power becomes an intoxication…



My tears kissing my cheeks softly

Replaying the movie of my childhood tautly

How does it feel to be loved dearly?

And to give love sincerely?

Being alone kills me slowly…

My only aide is Mr. Lonely

Pour happiness to me tenderly

I’ll wait for you patiently


I built a tower almost touching the sky

For no coward man can reach this high

Are you worthy of my love thee?

The only way up is my long braided hair to flee

Any man can say “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair!”

But can they grasp the dragon in me?

That’s a dare…

My only companion is my hymns

Sing along until everyone hears our sins

Just look out for the Enchantress

She can smell if you’re reckless

Climb up ’till you have my heart

Reach for me, until you have my soul’s part…


My thoughts of you is my heroine

Can’t control this addiction, like nicotine

You’re the pen and I am the paper

Scribble on me all your madness, don’t worry it’s safer

Sleeping soundly on your carpet of lies

Can’t you hear my loud cries?

Can someone smell my regret?

I’m wearing the cloak of happiness instead

Emotions always suppressed

But I promise, you won’t see me depressed

Hope is something you can’t take away

And I will rise again!


What does love look like?

Love looks like…
Cooking a meal when you hate doing it
Love looks like…
Sky diving, but forgetting that you’re afraid of heights
Love looks like…
Watching an action-packed movie when you want a romantic one
Love looks like…
Walking from office to your house when you’re goddamn tired
Love looks like…
Pretending to love pistachio ice cream, when all you wanna do is desperately vomit it afterwards
Love looks like…
Knowing his Zodiac sign is not compatible to yours, but you still give it a go
Love looks like…
A cat person loving a dog person
Love looks like…
Forgiving someone who broke your favorite toy
Love looks like…
Missing someone, even if they don’t deserve you
Love looks like…
Caring for someone, even if they don’t know that you exist
Love looks like…
Sacrificing for someone’s happiness, even if the price to pay is yours

Dear Soulmate

Dear Soulmate,
It’s okay if you’re still undecided of what you want to achieve for your career path. Because you’re not alone, I feel the same way. The important thing is that you don’t give up. Also, don’t be afraid to start over again and take risks.

Dear Soulmate,
It’s okay if you don’t have a car yet. I know this would sound cheesy but, I bet walking with you would be hella fun. Plus, it would give us more time to talk about our childhood dreams, zombies, nostalgic songs and movies, zodiac signs, the first horror movie that you’ve watched, your first love… and hoping I’m your last.

Dear Soulmate,
It’s okay if we don’t know each other yet. Because, I still want to experience life by myself. I still want to excel in my chosen career. I still want to pursue my biggest dream. I want to learn how to love myself, first. So that when the right time comes, I know it will be you.

And we will both be whole…


Winter morning came to an end

Tired souls dreamed to mend

March’s Spring came to bloom

Hearts still feel the deepest gloom

Feelings stuck in this Summer daze

This spirit longs for your warm embrace

Autumn foliage has just begun

Catch me in this earthly span…

Hindi na Sayo

Saan ako magsisimula?

Kung wala naman tayong inumpisahan…

Ginawa ko ng tubig yung kape

Oo alam ko, wala kang pake!

Wala ka din namang pake nung nalunod ako,

Sa mga salita na binitawan mo

Gaya ng “Nandito lang ako para sayo”

O yung paborito mong “Time will tell how much I love you.” g*g*!

Aminado ako at di ko pagkakaila

Na may mga panahon na pinasaya mo ako, Sinta…

Noong araw ng mga puso,

Unang beses mong pinaramdam na mahalaga ako

Mga rosas na kasing bango ng pag asa ko sayo

At mga tsokolateng kasing tamis ng mga kasinungalingan mo

Di din pala magpapahuli ang sulat kamay na binigay mo…

Ang mga nakasulat ba doon ay talagang galing sa puso?

Lalo nung unang gabi na magkasama tayo

Umamin ka na gusto mo ako

Higit pa sa kaibigan…

At alam ko eto ang laro na palagi kong gusto salihan

Kahit mga mata mo’y hindi lang nakatingin sakin,

Pero pinag pasensyahan kita at yan ang malaki kong “bakit?”

Kahit magkasama tayo ngunit ang puso mo’y iba ang hinahanap,

Pero para sakin alam kong darating ang araw na ako’y magiging iyong pangarap

Kahit nung mga panahon na pinakita mo na sakin kung sino ka talaga,

Pero tinanggap kita, hindi parin ba sapat yun? Puny*ta!

Kahit merong kumakalat na balita na meron ka nang iba,

Pero pinagtanggol kita, dahil sayo’y may natitira pang tiwala

Kahit may nakita pa akong litrato ninyo ng bago mong trip na babae,

Pero eto ako umaasang magbibigay ka ng dahilan para di ako umuwing luhaan

Kahit wala kang pake na pinagmukha mo akong tanga,

Pero wala eh, hindi mo pala talaga ako mahal… sana napansin ko agad

Kahit ilang beses mong binasag ang puso ko,

Pero eto parin ako aayusin ito at ibibigay ng buo

Kahit pinaiyak mo ako ng maraming gabi pati araw,

Pero eto ako umaasa na makakalimutan ka balang araw

Kahit isa ka na naman sa mga lalaki na napadaan lang,

Pero eto ako hindi titigil magmahal



Pain is the fluid that runs in my blood

Keeps me alive like flood

Your silver light made me vulnerable

Being calm with you is inevitable

But just like day you turned into night

I thought you were my knight

But just like the others, I need to fight

Saving myself from my chaotic feelings

Until I finally find healing

Beauty and The Beast

In a small cottage lived an old man and his beautiful daughter

Protecting her from every man of slaughter

One dark and foggy night

The old man visited the grave of his wife

Wishing from the gods that they should’ve not taken her life

A rustling sound came from his behind

There comes the Beast, not one with mankind

“I believe you have something that would delight.”

The beast said, his voice with might!

“Th-There’s nothing that would suffice your hunger, Beast.”

Uttered the old man with fear

“Too late, beautiful Belle sacrificed herself for you to live longer.”

Then the Beast went forth, left the old man with tremor

Belle’s waiting for him and when she saw him she wince

Surprised by the story that he was once a handsome prince

With each passing day, they fell deeper into each other

Belle loved the Beast unconditionally whatever’s the weather

After their wedding day, she decided to give him her humanity

In exchange of her mortality

The Beast was happy he’s a man again

But saw Belle dead with open veins and
felt a pang of pain

Then cried tears until he’s insane…