Pain is the fluid that runs in my blood

Keeps me alive like flood

Your silver light made me vulnerable

Being calm with you is inevitable

But just like day you turned into night

I thought you were my knight

But just like the others, I need to fight

Saving myself from my chaotic feelings

Until I finally find healing


Beauty and The Beast

In a small cottage lived an old man and his beautiful daughter

Protecting her from every man of slaughter

One dark and foggy night

The old man visited the grave of his wife

Wishing from the gods that they should’ve not taken her life

A rustling sound came from his behind

There comes the Beast, not one with mankind

“I believe you have something that would delight.”

The beast said, his voice with might!

“Th-There’s nothing that would suffice your hunger, Beast.”

Uttered the old man with fear

“Too late, beautiful Belle sacrificed herself for you to live longer.”

Then the Beast went forth, left the old man with tremor

Belle’s waiting for him and when she saw him she wince

Surprised by the story that he was once a handsome prince

With each passing day, they fell deeper into each other

Belle loved the Beast unconditionally whatever’s the weather

After their wedding day, she decided to give him her humanity

In exchange of her mortality

The Beast was happy he’s a man again

But saw Belle dead with open veins and
felt a pang of pain

Then cried tears until he’s insane…

The Ocean and The Sky

The ocean and the sky fell in love with each other

Blue is the color that they chose for one another

There are times when the ocean almost dried up

And the sky cried just to fill her up

But the sky can’t get rid of his wispy white clouds

And the ocean can’t control the caps of waves that splashes to the rocks, so loud

They want to touch,

But all they can do is stare, that’s not much

With a love that’s eternity or maybe infinity?

And that’s their only certainty…


Addicted by the sweetness of your lies

Until it’s too late for me to realize

Drowning from this indelible feeling

Trapped in this emotional reeling

Finding an escape route

I want to kill the cause, it’s root…

The words that I crave to hear

Your voice as poetic as it can be

To be awake with this confusion

Or be in slumber with only a conclusion

Let Me Be

Burry my heart with this phony love

I followed those trail of lies from above

A mysterious soul that made you curious

Getting her felt glorious

My words are blocked by my emotions

You look enticing with those potions

I endured several layers of suffering

And yet you send me shivering

Why do you keep doing this to me?

If you’re not devoted, then let me be…

Half of You

I only own half of you

Your feelings, is it true?

I only own half of you

Don’t let me feel blue

I only own half of you

Will you also say, “I do?”

I only own half of you

I can only offer my poems, nothing new

I only own half of you

Will I cry rain or dew?

I only own half of you

I hope it’s me that will make you whole…


Temporary bliss in exchange of eternal suffering

Kings and Queens of the present, slaves of damnation governing

Ravenous for gold and silver

They want it all, not a big giver

Until they feel hollow

And they see the world shallow…

Here comes the reaper

Bringing their souls deeper

Into the phases of hell

Wrecked souls bid farewell


My hymns of lamentation,

Demanding to hear this meditation

In tune with the tones of pain

Not too long for you to feel it and regain

Singing these sorrows from the heart

Which one was your favorite part?

You can choose an instrument to break me

But I’m already wrecked, can’t you see?

So come here, where emotions are mute

Play the chords of one dusty lute

Let’s form a band that performs poignantly

Until everyone hears our track of grieving

The Frog Prince

One gloomy day, a princess was lost

She saw a glistening pond with silvery frost

“How do you do, fair lady?” said a croaky voice

A startled face answered a frog with a crown covered with moist

“Where’s the way back to the palace?” she desperately asked

The frog prince said, “There’s this eerie path but you have to go fast.”

“But before you do that, can you clean my crown?”

So the princess gracefully lay down

The frog prince put his lips on hers in a hastily mode

Then the princess went from human to toad

From her frog eyes, she saw a handsome prince running towards a blurry path

She then was covered with tears and wrath