I thought I’ll just have like 2-5 followers

I thought no one will press the “like” button

I thought no one will be moved by my poems

I thought my poems where not really poems

I thought no one will know this blog but me

I thought that I won’t have any friends here

But those thoughts were all wrong!

And this is the perfect timing to say a big THANK YOU!

Thank you to the 208 awesome bloggers who thinks my poems are really poems

Thank you for the bloggers who appreciates my poems

Thank you also, for the thoughtful comments

Thank you for the readers for visiting my blog just to check my latest misery

Thank you for the friends that I have here on WordPress

Thank you for the bloggers that inspires me in writing poems

Thank you for all the people who makes me sad

Thank you for keeping up with my sadness

A birthday is not complete without wishes…

I wish to have more years to come for this blog

I wish to gain more friends here on WordPress

I wish that I also inspire other bloggers and readers through my poetry


I am in shock and awe when poetryandchocolateandbooks told me that she nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award! Her blog is mostly about amazing poems, photography, book and movie reviews 🙂 And I want to thank her for appreciating my poems 😀

I’m on cloud nine right now because last 3 days ago I was also nominated for another award. (Leibster Award) These two nominations will serve as an inspiration and motivation for my upcoming poems! ❤


  1. Show the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person who nominated you
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 blogs
  5. Link your nominees’ blogs and let them know


  1. I’m from the Philippines but I’m pale as porcelain because I’m 1/4 Chinese. So when we meet in person, you might mistaken me for being that ghost in “The Grudge” movie.
  2. I love TWD (The Walking Dead) TV Series and all things Zombie! The wait is killing me at the moment because Season 6 will air in October and it’s just the first day of May 😥 I just hope that Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) won’t die..
  3. I’m a super grade conscious student. (I know grades are not an accurate basis for intelligence, especially in real life situations) But I can’t help it! I also want to achieve the title of Cum Laude.. I’ve been dreaming about it and working for it since day one of college. (fingers crossed)
  4. My first choice was really Business Administration major in Financial Management. After I took my Principles of Economics in my first year in college, I fell in love with it. So I immediately shifted to Business Economics! Now, still in love with it and by far my longest relationship ❤
  5. I’m not easily frightened by frogs, cockroaches, snakes, spiders and whatnot. And I have this weird habit of playing with them.
  6. But I am easily frightened by ghosts and I hate horror movies. I always get paranoid after watching one..
  7. Aside from Economics, books and poems. I’m also into Astrology. When I want to know more about a certain person, my first question would be “What’s your Zodiac Sign?” or “When is your birthday?”

I nominate,

  1. littleapolita
  2. penpowersong
  3. thoughtsofaninternetperson
  4. Joselito Capariño
  5. charlypriest 
  6. Nina Karadzic
  7. Reaching Meadow Lane
  8. fantabulea
  9. Kurt Brindley
  10. Ameena k.g
  11. Passion through Poetry
  12. Saneh Pandey
  13. just a precious penny
  14. fangirlingowl
  15. purpleanais

You can check out these 15 wonderful bloggers for inspiration 😀

I couldn’t thank you enough pcb for this opportunity! (still pinching myself right now)