What does it feel like to have a family?

Is it really that happy?

The belongingness..

Never ending love and tenderness

The security..

Knowing that there’s always someone to back you up quickly

The generosity..

Unconditional love that is given endlessly

Like a blissful story..

That has an ending that is always schmaltzy

Like triple caramel cake..

It’s so sweet, that I want to puke a lake

Like a carousel ride..

Safe but mundane, that I rather refer to a roller coaster that’s like a wild tide

just askin’

When you fall inlove foolishness comes with it. Like when you order a cheeseburger meal. You have to order large fries and coke-float with it! Because you can never be satisfied with cheeseburger alone, right? Same goes in falling inlove. Without foolishness it is not love, it’s just infatuation or puppy love. I have this rhetorical question implanted in my head for the past few months. Do all couples in a romantic relationship really inlove? Or they just want a companion? A bestfriend? Friends with benefits? A rebound? Someone they can drag to anywhere?

Ofcourse the obvious answer is, no. Because the words “all couples” are too general. And therefore I will change my silly question. Do some couples really have “true love” in their relationship? Unconditional love,even?