What does it feel like to have a family?

Is it really that happy?

The belongingness..

Never ending love and tenderness

The security..

Knowing that there’s always someone to back you up quickly

The generosity..

Unconditional love that is given endlessly

Like a blissful story..

That has an ending that is always schmaltzy

Like triple caramel cake..

It’s so sweet, that I want to puke a lake

Like a carousel ride..

Safe but mundane, that I rather refer to a roller coaster that’s like a wild tide


I crave for your endearment

But instead, you’re feeding me with your temperament

What you’re doing to my soul…

Is more than torture!

You left a dent

That I can’t protect

Can anyone absorb this heavy feeling?

Consume this dark being

Caress this ill soul

Feed her, with the last drop of gold

I think It’s a poem

You were with the storm

But please come home

Did you ever loved me?

I did, can’t you see?

Are you clouded by confusion?

Don’t take the bitch’s potion!

I know it’s too late

But I can’t pave the pain

I am consumed by my sadness

But I think you’re with your happiness

Acceptance is all I can do

So long, my boo