This Place

I always come back to this place

I always want to go back and trace

The memories and people that I once chased and embraced

The people that I hate and love that are always in my headspace

People that I once trusted but turned out was a disgrace

People are predictable and disappointing and that’s a fact I’ll have to face

Little Girl in a Cage

I hid this little girl in a cage to keep her safe

Safe from all the monsters that’s inside of me

These monsters were named depression and anxiety

I don’t want these monsters to scare off this little girl who has so much joy, so much love, and so much hope

So I hid her in a cage to protect her, to keep her safe

Safe from all the people that may just hurt her

I don’t want these people to leave a dent in her heart with sadness, disappointment, and anger

I told her to hide, to always keep a distance I told her to always keep her walls up

I told her to not give her all to anyone

Now I am looking at this little girl, she is all alone. She’s not the same little girl anymore… because now she is scared all the time.

She doesn’t know how to be happy nor how to love fully…

I’m sorry…

I should’ve let you be…

Let you be sad

Let you be disappointed 

Let you be angry

Let you be hurt

Let you give your all to someone.

I hope it’s not too late, but I am setting you free. Please allow yourself to be free… There are still monsters. There are still people who can hurt you. 

But I want you to live, to feel, and to love. 

Pick me up

Big sister pick me up, pick me up from my misery

Big sister pick me up, pick me up Depression is killing me

Big sister pick me up, pick me up I’d rather be dead than to be here

Big sister pick me up, pick me up I’m always with Anxiety

Big sister pick me up, pick me up and help me please…

Venus and the Crescent Moon

Venus shines bright after sunset
It’s waiting for the Crescent Moon at the outset

The sky is wrapped by darkness
Here comes the Crescent Moon of dimness

The celestial pair aligned once again
Savoring every moment without complain

The Evening Star almost kissed the Crescent Moon
But it said its goodbye too soon…

What Happened to Us?

People give in exchange of moral dessert

Would you give in, or go berserk?

People urging about positivity

Just for the sake of levity

People might wait a little longer

Some might be weaker, some might be stronger

Do you think we all deserve this?

There’s much to reminisce…

Thoughts of You

You talk in colors instead of sounds

And binds my soul to the ground

You stare with thoughtful eyes

Mirroring dreamy skies

Lost in thought, not mine to keep

Our childhood’s past always plays deep

We might be happy, we might be sad

Time is all we have

I’ll come back someday

And maybe I can finally stay