Free me

I think I’m free…

From all the sadness and misery

I think I’m free…

From my depression and anxiety

I think I’m free…

From all the hatred and uncertainty

I think I’m free…

From all the monsters that controlled me

I think I’m free…

When I no longer write dark poems for you and me


My eyes sting

I don’t want to cry anymore

My head aches

I don’t want to think of you anymore

My soul is drained

I don’t want to absorb this sadness anymore

My heart hurts

I don’t want to feel this way anymore

this means goodbye

I was paralyzed like a streek

Did you hear me weep?

All I want is to protect you

But I think you don’t want that too

Can you explain

Why did you changed?

Is it really wrong?

I don’t think I’m that strong

Acceptance is hard

Like running a yard

Tell me the truth

Please, don’t be rude

I’m in deep pain

But you still add a gain

I don’t know what to do

So I’ll just move-on without you