What Happened to Us?

People give in exchange of moral dessert

Would you give in, or go berserk?

People urging about positivity

Just for the sake of levity

People might wait a little longer

Some might be weaker, some might be stronger

Do you think we all deserve this?

There’s much to reminisce…

Free me

I think I’m free…

From all the sadness and misery

I think I’m free…

From my depression and anxiety

I think I’m free…

From all the hatred and uncertainty

I think I’m free…

From all the monsters that controlled me

I think I’m free…

When I no longer write dark poems for you and me

this means goodbye

I was paralyzed like a streek

Did you hear me weep?

All I want is to protect you

But I think you don’t want that too

Can you explain

Why did you changed?

Is it really wrong?

I don’t think I’m that strong

Acceptance is hard

Like running a yard

Tell me the truth

Please, don’t be rude

I’m in deep pain

But you still add a gain

I don’t know what to do

So I’ll just move-on without you