just askin’

When you fall inlove foolishness comes with it. Like when you order a cheeseburger meal. You have to order large fries and coke-float with it! Because you can never be satisfied with cheeseburger alone, right? Same goes in falling inlove. Without foolishness it is not love, it’s just infatuation or puppy love. I have this rhetorical question implanted in my head for the past few months. Do all couples in a romantic relationship really inlove? Or they just want a companion? A bestfriend? Friends with benefits? A rebound? Someone they can drag to anywhere?

Ofcourse the obvious answer is, no. Because the words “all couples” are too general. And therefore I will change my silly question. Do some couples really have “true love” in their relationship? Unconditional love,even?


Pamagat: Alaala

Una sa lahat

Gusto kong magpasalamat

Kahit papaano

MInahal mo ako ng tapat

Naalala ko pa nga

Halos maubos ang salapi mo sa bulsa

Kakatawag buong magdamag

Naalala mo ba ng lumabas tayong dalawa?

Saya diba?

Sabi mo pa nga Palagi mo akong maalala

Sa lugar na ating pinuntahan

Naalala mo ba nung naglakad tayo sa ulan?

Para tayong mga bata sa langsangan

Walang pakialam

Basta magkasama tayong dal’wa

Naalala mo ba yung nag’cool off tayong dalawa?

Ang sakit! Puot ang naghasik, puro galit

Naalala mo ba nung tuluyan tayong naghiwalay?

Lahat ginawa mo mabawi lang ako

Sa totoo lang

Ang hirap tapusin ng huling taludtod

Dito kasi ako nasaktan ng lubos

Paalam na at baka manumbalik pa

Ang pagmamahal na kahit minsan

Hindi ko nagawa…

I think It’s a poem

You were with the storm

But please come home

Did you ever loved me?

I did, can’t you see?

Are you clouded by confusion?

Don’t take the bitch’s potion!

I know it’s too late

But I can’t pave the pain

I am consumed by my sadness

But I think you’re with your happiness

Acceptance is all I can do

So long, my boo

wait and wait and wait

I feel like I’m a caged animal. A prisoner who anticipates his freedom. A dog that waits for his master, but I’m the kind of dog who can’t bear the wait. And goes to his master’s office or wherever he is. Waiting is inevitable. Like traffic or falling in love with a douche bag. I feel like I’m waiting for something astonishing and exciting. But I don’t really know what it is. And I think that’s one of the essence of life, waiting for something that is unexpected or unplanned. Like a surprise!


I’m Nicole Alexandra Chua and a newbie at blogging. I’m also a college student taking up BSBA Major in Business Economics. I just write random stuffs and poems when I’m sad or not in the mood for anything. But I also play a little piano, can sing and a sucker for novels and self-help books. Hope my posts will inspire the writer in you!