Month: October 2017


My tears kissing my cheeks softly

Replaying the movie of my childhood tautly

How does it feel to be loved dearly?

And to give love sincerely?

Being alone kills me slowly…

My only aide is Mr. Lonely

Pour happiness to me tenderly

I’ll wait for you patiently


I built a tower almost touching the sky

For no coward man can reach this high

Are you worthy of my love thee?

The only way up is my long braided hair to flee

Any man can say “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let down your hair!”

But can they grasp the dragon in me?

That’s a dare…

My only companion is my hymns

Sing along until everyone hears our sins

Just look out for the Enchantress

She can smell if you’re reckless

Climb up ’till you have my heart

Reach for me, until you have my soul’s part…