Live Today

I still feel empty

Even if I’ve achieved plenty…

What really is my purpose?

I sometimes feel worthless

I want to fall in love with life again

I don’t want to pretend…

That success will end,

This misery that does not mend

When will this chase stop?

Everyone just wants to be on top

I want to live each day

To hear music that I can play

To dance in the rain

To walk and sway

To kiss someone’s tears away

To be present today

Inspired by the Pixar movie Soul


  1. I love your poem! And the movie, Soul is one of my new favorites🦋 I thought it was daring and innovative. did you like it?

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    1. Nicole says:

      Thank you for your kind words ❤️ yes I LOVE it made me realize things…

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      1. Same. My realizations are reflected in your poem. Being present today. Greeting the people you meet each day with patience, openness and compassion. Realizing that achieving your big dream won’t actually make you happy. I think that’s a big one! Reframing your ambition to compatible with real world every day life.

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