The Frog Prince

One gloomy day, a princess was lost

She saw a glistening pond with silvery frost

“How do you do, fair lady?” said a croaky voice

A startled face answered a frog with a crown covered with moist

“Where’s the way back to the palace?” she desperately asked

The frog prince said, “There’s this eerie path but you have to go fast.”

“But before you do that, can you clean my crown?”

So the princess gracefully lay down

The frog prince put his lips on hers in a hastily mode

Then the princess went from human to toad

From her frog eyes, she saw a handsome prince running towards a blurry path

She then was covered with tears and wrath


Damsel in distress

My father is building a fortress

For the damsel in distress

It’s not my mother

But for the damsel in distress

It has brick walls and high stairs

Just for the damsel in distress

It was ever perfect and sleek

For the damsel in distress

The only thing left is me

Whom the damsel in distress, fully disagrees

My father believes what she sees

Because she is the damsel in distress

I was pushed off to flee

And that made the damsel in distress, delight with glee