Dismal Tale

Drown me in pain until I’m soaked with anger

Don’t wait until I’m famished in a chamber

Throw me to your sea of emptiness

Until I’m full of loneliness

Your love for me disappeared with the ether

Like all the run away creatures

I’m no damsel in distress

Because there’s no knight in shining armor, I guess

I’ll just fight my own battle

To stop this juvenile prattle


Wake me up in this erroneous dream

Bring me back into the reality of the beam

Blasting the volume of this broken-hearted song

Hoping that I’ll be deaf to my own despair for that long

Trusting is suicidal

Like permanent fatal

I’m choking in my own salty tears

Because I can feel that our ending is near

Maybe one day when we meet again

We can make things right by then


I crave for your endearment

But instead, you’re feeding me with your temperament

What you’re doing to my soul…

Is more than torture!

You left a dent

That I can’t protect

Can anyone absorb this heavy feeling?

Consume this dark being

Caress this ill soul

Feed her, with the last drop of gold

this means goodbye

I was paralyzed like a streek

Did you hear me weep?

All I want is to protect you

But I think you don’t want that too

Can you explain

Why did you changed?

Is it really wrong?

I don’t think I’m that strong

Acceptance is hard

Like running a yard

Tell me the truth

Please, don’t be rude

I’m in deep pain

But you still add a gain

I don’t know what to do

So I’ll just move-on without you


Pamagat: Alaala

Una sa lahat

Gusto kong magpasalamat

Kahit papaano

MInahal mo ako ng tapat

Naalala ko pa nga

Halos maubos ang salapi mo sa bulsa

Kakatawag buong magdamag

Naalala mo ba ng lumabas tayong dalawa?

Saya diba?

Sabi mo pa nga Palagi mo akong maalala

Sa lugar na ating pinuntahan

Naalala mo ba nung naglakad tayo sa ulan?

Para tayong mga bata sa langsangan

Walang pakialam

Basta magkasama tayong dal’wa

Naalala mo ba yung nag’cool off tayong dalawa?

Ang sakit! Puot ang naghasik, puro galit

Naalala mo ba nung tuluyan tayong naghiwalay?

Lahat ginawa mo mabawi lang ako

Sa totoo lang

Ang hirap tapusin ng huling taludtod

Dito kasi ako nasaktan ng lubos

Paalam na at baka manumbalik pa

Ang pagmamahal na kahit minsan

Hindi ko nagawa…